A Star is Born – Introducing Emily Corcoran as SADIE

Today is a special day for us. It’s the world premiere of SADIE (LSPU Hall @ 7pm)! We are proud to have this meaningful day at home, as part of SJIWFF’s 25th Anniversary. Tonight, we introduce Emily Corcoran who portrays Sadie, one of our lead characters. We held auditions for several days in hopes of finding a teenage girl who had a timeless quality, and also the skill to work on an emotionally charged piece. When Emily auditioned and began to reveal her take on Sadie, she was captivating, and the sincerity in her face and eyes were tell tale signs of acting potential. She was also intelligent, with dedicated work ethic. She makes her film debut in this piece, and we are pretty PUMPED to be part of her growth.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience on set (get ready for answers wise beyond her years!):

How did you hear about SADIE and tell us why you auditioned for the part?

I first heard about Sadie through “Casting By Maggie”, a local casting company run by Maggie Keiley. When I read the synopsis, I was immediately intrigued by Sadie’s character. I loved the idea of getting to play someone who experienced emotional trauma, which deeply affected their personality. The entire story seemed so interesting, so I contacted you for an audition right away.

iPhone snapshots of Emily on audition day.

iPhone snapshots of Emily on audition day.

When you got the part, describe what you thought and how you felt, especially when you found out you’d be co-starring with professional actors like Joanne Kelly and Des Walsh.

I can’t even begin to explain how ecstatic I was! I remember sitting at my kitchen table and being unable to stop smiling, I couldn’t believe it. When I found out who I would be working with, I simultaneously felt extremely excited and nervous, both Joanne and Des are high caliber actors and the fact that I was being given the opportunity to work with them was mind blowing. And of course, when it came time to film, I was left speechless by their talent. Joanne is able to convey so much emotion in her eyes and adds so much depth to her character – it is astounding. And Des works with so much ease that he makes you feel at home when filming, not to mention his acting is simply brilliant.

DDY_0380-X2 (1)

Emily Corcoran as Sadie, Des Walsh as Mr. Snow (photo by Duncan De Young)

Sadie has quite an opposite and more insular personality than yours (which is delightfully open and warm). How did you prepare for the role?

 She definitely is an interesting girl. Sadie, for me, was a welcome, and beautifully complex, challenge. She is a character that sinks into very dark places and as an actress, while preparing to film, my main goal was to understand the way her mind works. I spent a lot of time dissecting her character so I would be able to adapt to her thought process. I also researched the way people, living in isolation, dealt with problems in the 1940s. I feel that ultimately these things helped me portray Sadie to the best of my ability.

Emily Corcoran and Joanne Kelly, the lead actors in Sadie

Emily Corcoran and Joanne Kelly, the lead actors in Sadie (photo by Duncan De Young)

 What was your most favourite or special moment on set? And why?

It’s hard to pick just one – the entire experience was so amazing! One thing that does come to mind however, was the very first scene we shot. I remember being so nervous in the car ride that morning, worried that I would screw up and make a fool of myself, or make you all regret the decision to cast me. However, as soon as I got in position, and Joanne made a comment on how much fun we were going to have, I completely forgot about all those things and I just let myself get lost in doing the thing I love; acting. I remember thinking that morning, “if I could do this for the rest of my life I would be perfectly happy.”

DDY_9966-X2 (1)

Close up of Emily, Joanne Kelly in foreground (photo by Duncan De Young)

How has the film help you grow as an actor, and how will you move forward with your career?

It has helped me in so many ways. For starters, Sadie was a role that required more preparation than any character I have ever worked on before. It has really changed the way that I take on roles. The biggest way Sadie has helped me as an actress, however, was the access to professional cast and crew. Everyone who worked on this film was amazing and willing to give advice at any time. People were constantly telling me how they got into the business and giving me pointers on how I could continue my career. Joanne even helped me pick out monologues for future auditions. I’m grateful to everyone who took the time to talk to me because they made me see that this is something I really can pursue. Also, one of the many perks of working with such a great crew, is that everyone in town who is involved in film, knows about it. Every time I go in for an audition now people always say “oh you were in Sadie! I’ve heard all about it!” which, is pretty cool. In fact, having worked on Sadie was a big factor in me getting a role that I did this past summer.


Night time shot on set (photo by Duncan De Young)

Do you want to say anything about the film/experience we haven’t asked you?

Yes, I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to you three. I can’t begin to convey how grateful I am for giving me the opportunity to work on this film. I’m sure that you took a risk in choosing a newcomer and I hope I didn’t let you down. You were all so sweet and made my first time working on film comfortable, and full of fun. Working on Sadie has been wonderful for me, you gave me a taste of a world that I have a strong passion for, and  I can’t thank you enough.

the girls of Sadie

(L-R) Latonia Hartery (Director), Emily Corcoran (Sadie), Emily Bridger (writer), Deanne Foley (Producer) at SJIWFF opening night (photo copyright SJIWFF)


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